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It seems that since we now have an EMR everyone of our vendors wants access to it. Our locum company that provides our ER/UR/Hospitalists wants their 20+ billing people to be able to access visits directly in our system to code their accounts (not ours). Our company that looks at our RAC accounts wants their 20+ doctors to have direct access to the visits. And there are more.

My problem with this is limiting what they see, taking care of problems when they lock themselves out, teaching them how to use the system and not having a lot of control over the security with these people. I think if we have a Business Associates Contract with them that they would be responsible for any breaches. We can also move accounts into queues for them which is a lot of work for us or have them pay for an interface (around $10,000 per company). I feel like the Dutch boy with his finger in the dam. I also don't want to be unreasonable. Are any of you having this problem and what are you doing about it?

Thanks for any help.

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    Yes, we do allow our Hospitalist Billers access and other contracted auditors. My IT Analyst sets them up in the system and trains them by phone, they sign a BA in the beginning and we educate them on our security audit system in place. Once we allow access they have access to all records, they do not have to request records and there are no work queues, no interfaces they just come through the portal. We let them know that we perform security audits on a daily basis on medical records & users, one FTE dedicated to auditing medical record assess and who is looking at what and are they associated with that medical record. After our initial setup, IT handles all password or system issues with signing on. All breaches are documented and reported to the Compliance Officer for follow up and disciplinary actions, to include warnings and termination by the contracting company.

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    Thanks so much for helping me with this.

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