HIE Policies

For those experienced in HIE activities, has your facility developed policies and procedures? I'm am actively researching AHIMA resources to find sample policies for our front-line registration staff and HIM personnel.

Thank you.

Rachel G. Reyes, RHIA
HIM Director
Driscoll Children's Hospital


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    We have begun this process but each state may differ depending on whether your patients are automatically opted "in" or "out".

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    Yes our patients are going to be automatically opted in, but I was looking for a policy that would aid in the training of our staff to better explain this to patients. I did find that AHIMA has a brochure explaining the benefits of HIE.

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    Our state HIE actually provided this to our sites . We haven't created anything in addition, at this point in time.

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    Who is your State HIE contact? What office are they in? I haven't found Texas's HIE yet.
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