Ideal Vision for Scanning


I have a quick question for all of you.

What is your "ideal" vision for scanning/document management for your organization/department in the future?

Please let me know.

Thank you,
Cynthia Chacon


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    Good question and one that should be given consideration with our changing environment. Personally I have not had time to think about it but would imagine it would include to strive to be accurate, timely and compliant.

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    Donna Walker- Thomas, MBA, RHIA, CPC, CMA
    Director HIM / Privacy Officer
    Providence Community Health Centers
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    Great question!

    One of the biggest challenges we face with scanning is capturing light
    writing/light colored inks. You can increase resolution, contrast,
    etc...but getting complete, readable scans without taking up twice the
    storage or taking extra time to constantly rescan is complicated at best.
    There are too many variables to legislate from the production point of these

    We scan for archive purposes as opposed to scanning to an electronic
    management system. Workflow is our second biggest challenge.

    Diane M. Miller

    Medical Records Coordinator

    Susquehanna Valley Surgery Center

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