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Our case manager (UR) wants to send out a copy of the patient's medical
record to 10 or 20 SNF's within a 100-200 mile range our facility to see
if they are willing to accept a patient. These are inpatients, hard to
place and we are in an extremely rural area with only a few SNF's within
driving distance for families in this area. What kind of consent form
would be needed to cover this blanketed approach to seeking continued
care for our patients? Would this even be legal? Do any of you have such
practices within your systems and if so, would you be willing to share
your consent forms? Need some help please. I've never heard of such a
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    This would fall under continuity of care which is covered under treatment however I believe they would have to be contacted first before sending information. I would not send medical record information to anyone unless there was a reason for doing so and they know they are receiving it.

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  • I agree with you.

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