Pepper Reports

Tell me how others are studying their Pepper Reports when your facility is
above or in line with the 80th percentile or below the 20% percentile?

We have been doing prebill coding audits by external party of our higher risk DRGs. Is there anything else that is recommended?

It can be hard to sell the fact that we have worked really hard on CDI and
coder training.

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    We do not do pre-bill DRG audits at our facility. However, I do use the
    pepper report for our quarterly coding audits by an external vendor if
    they are over 80 or under 20th percentiles. Then we can receive the
    education needed for those DRGs and coding. I do not do anything with
    those that fall within the range unless I see it has crept upward or
    downward over time. Occasionally we have only one quarter that we are
    out of range and if it's in range most of the previous times, I don't
    usually worry about that. Repeatedly out range we look at for sure. RAC
    are looking for patterns.

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  • I am not really looking at the Pepper Reports but know I should be. I think that is good that you are.
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    We use them as a benchmark for some of those tough diagnoses to determine if we need to do any focus audits. CM uses them for monitoring their functions - again, as benchmark. We review and report through compliance, any areas where we are above the benchmark, including any spot audits that we have done. The coding categories are reviewed by our CDI staff (1 RN and 1 Coder) who fall under HIM. Hope this helps.

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