H&P Requirements for OB Patients


What is your History and Physical requirement for patients who deliver at your hospital? We require a short form H&P and the pre-natal notes from the hospital. If the patient converts from vaginal delivery to c-section, we require a dictated H&P even if a short form has been done. I am wondering if all this is necessary. What do you require? How about observation patients?

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    We do not have OB at our facility.

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    For vaginal deliveries, the prenatal notes from the physician is the H&P; a full H&P is required for a c-section. An H&P is only required for observation patients that have a procedure requiring an H&P.

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    We recently reviewed this at our hospital. As long as there is documentation of the prenatal H & P and subsequent visit notes, we just require an updated note within 24 hours of admission or prior to the surgery ( c-section)


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    OB/GYN normal delivery prenatal notes from the doctor's office is the H&P, if a C-section then it does require a full H&P. Observation or Inpatient here less than 24 hours short form H&P, greater than 24 hours full H&P. Hope that helps!

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