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Hi Folks

I can find an FAQ from Joint Commission that asks if an H&P must be
authenticated within 24 hours to be considered COMPLETE. The answer is
NO. I am currently being surveyed by DNV and they are telling me that
the H&P must be authenticated within 24 hours. Does anyone know where I
can find a CMS FAQ or standard interpretation that does NOT require the
H&P to be signed/authenticated within 24 hours?

Does anyone require this???

Denise A. Perry, MSM, RHIA

System Director, COC/HIM


Arnot Ogden Medical Center

St. Joseph's Hospital (Elmira)

Ira Davenport Memorial Hospital

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Continuum of Care at AOMC - 607-735-5768 (w)

Secondary Number - IDMH: 607-776-8601 (w)


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    We do not require it to be authenticated w/in 24 hours - only on the chart.

    Donna Hofer, RHIA
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    Spoke with CIHQ (COP deemed agency also) representative and they are in agreement that there is no rule that the H&P must be signed, only on the chart within 24 hrs. It was suggested that you ask DNV to call CMS while they are on site to request actual written regulation. It might be they are interpreting "completed" as being signed not just on the chart. According to staff bylaws, signatures are due within 14 days following discharge in our facility. Maybe your staff bylaws will cover that also. Just a suggestion.

    Catherine S. Kadry, RHIT, CCS, CHA
    Director, Health Information Management
    Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District
    207 W. Legion Road
    Brawley, CA 92227
    Phone (760) 351-3148 Fax (760) 351-3463
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    Thank you - great feedback. This issue was not identified as a citation
    upon exit interview but will wait for final report. Again, thanks.
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