Purging Medical Records from EHR after retention time


We had a question come up. Right now we still have some paper charts that we have to retain because we keep them for 10 years from last visit, etc. Our EHR was started in 2009. Our IT Manager said that he thought we were going to purge records from our EHR after the retention time was up. Have any of you thought about this? Are you keeping your electronic charts forever or will you only keep them until their retention time is up and then purge them?

Thanks for your help.

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    We have to revisit our policy to accommodate the EMR, but my understanding is we are keeping electronic records on going. However, until we begin to scan, the paper portion will be purged.

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    At this time we will be keeping our electronic forever, we have been live since 2006

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    If you use ICD-9 you will be impacted by ICD-10, have you started to make changes in your area?

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    Different parts of the record may require different retention periods
    you will have look at your state laws.

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  • I know our retention period. We have to keep them for 7 years except for minors and employees. We currently keep regular visits for 10 years, minors for 20 and employees for 30.

    Are you planning on purging your EHR after your retention period is up?

  • Thanks!

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