Administrative Edits to Medical Record

Do any of you in HIM practice placing administrative edits into transcribed documents that have already been signed off by the clinical provider. Administrative addendums might include a note about the correct date of service or account number, which cannot be corrected after the provider signs the report.

I'm "old school" that HIM does not document in the medical record, but wasn't sure if that practice had changed over the years.

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    We do not document in the medical record.

    Suzanne LeMaire, RHIT

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    Any corrections to the document to correct the account number, correct the date of service, or corrections from the physician are done in transcription. The electronic document goes back to the provider for a signature. Any revisions made to the document are noted at the beginning of the document. This special notation was put in place to make sure the corrected report was correctly displayed in our web portal.

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