CDI measurements of success

Hi: I am need to provide monthly reports to the CFO about the success of
our CDI program. Does anyone have any monthly indicators that are
collected and reported?

thanks so much!

Marcia Matthias, MJ, RHIA, CHPC
Corporate Director Health Information
Privacy Officer
Southern Illinois Healthcare
Carbondale, IL


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    Estimated Coverage Ratio
    Query Rate (Query activity, concurrent retrospective, etc)
    Physician Response Rate
    Medical MCC Capture Rate
    Medical CC Capture Rate
    Medical NCC Capture Rate
    Surgical MCC Capture Rate
    Surgical CC Capture Rate
    Surgical NCC Capture Rate
    Medical CMI - (Is it increasing)
    Surgical CMI (Is it Increasing)
    % of Cases Coded Prior to D/C Summary
    Working and Final DRG Match

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    We have JATA, and their software drives reports that include a lot of information. The total number of Medicare, nontraditional Medicare and others, and the percent reviewed by CDI. Then the number of queries, the number of physician responses, the number of times the query drove an increase in MCCs, increase in severity, the number and percent of coder/CDI matches and of course, the CMI, for a start.


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