meaningful use

Although the hospital criteria is in draft form, we would like ideas as
to how others plan to get the discharge summary done within 48 hours. Is
anyone who is
not using EMR doing this now? If so, how is this being accomplished.

Thank you.

Gayle Keir
Robert Packer Hospital
Sayre, Pa.


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    Is this what you're referring to? I don't see any mention of "real time" only "four business days".

    Patients View, Download, or Transmit Health
    Information/Electronic Access for Patients (P119,
    P219 Specifications and Reporting
    Core Objective (from the Final Rule)
    Provide patients the ability to view online, download, and transmit their health information within four
    business days of the information being available to the EP.
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    Thank you I am not sure. IS director is saying that scanning has to be done in "real time" and is telling the nursing staff that this is a requirement under meaningful use. Therefore HIMS will not be scanning anything that is in paper. For example if a physician does an H+P in their office and brings into the hospital at the time of surgery it must be scanned in immediately and I cannot find anything on this, but of course the guidelines are huge to try and find something in them.

    Thomas Edwards, RHIA
    Corporate HIM Director/Privacy Officer
    Riverside Health System
    500 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard
    Newport News, VA 23601
    Phone 757-594-4146

    If you use ICD-9 you will be impacted by ICD-10, have you started to make changes in your area?
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    As our physicians would say "Show me where it says...."

    Are you an Epic customer?
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    Honestly, this sounds more like a HIMSS7 requirement....but I'm not extremely familiar with the MU2 requirements. We plan to meet ours via patient portal. I agree - you need to see the standard/requirement in writing.
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